Equine Bedding

EcoPellets Equine Bedding contains premium quality pine bedding pellets, perfect for use in stables to provide a clean and comfortable space for your horse. Our pellets are made from FSC approved clean fresh pine sawdust, which has anti-bacterial qualities and helps to reduce odours. They are super absorbent, providing a longer-lasting alternative to straw or shavings.


  • Super Absorbent
  • Reduces Bacteria & Odours
  • FSC Approved Wood
  • Premium Quality
EcoPellets Equine Bedding is an excellent alternative to using straw or shavings to line your stable. It provides a comfortable place for your horse to sleep which is easier for you to clean.

How to use EcoPellets Equine Bedding:

Initial Stable Setup:

  1. Use 1 15kg bag of Equine Bedding per 1m2 of stable with a cement or dirt floor. For rubber flooring, only ⅓ of a bag is needed per 1m2
  2. Place the bags along the wall of the stable and open the top end only. Add approximately 9 litres of water per bag. This will cause the pellets to swell and fluff up.
  3. After around 20 minutes, the pellets will have absorbed the water and swelled to around 3 times their original size. Some pellets will not break down, and this is normal
  4. Empty the pellets from the bags onto the floor and spread evenly with a fork.
  5. Lightly water the pellets for 30 seconds to allow the rest of the pellets to break down. After 10 minutes, run the fork through the pellets to fluff them up. The bedding is now ready to be used.
  6. For Ongoing Maintenance:

    1. Remove manure and urine-soaked patches daily.
    2. For full time stabled horses, replenish the stable with 1 to 2 fresh bags of Equine Bedding per week.
    3. Turn the bed daily and spray with water for 30 seconds.