Hydronic Heating

The ultimate in everyday luxury

Pellet-based hydronic systems are among the most effective long-term solutions for space heating in the cold Tasmanian climate.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic Heating involves the use of hot water  piped around the home, primarily used for radiators and underfloor heating. The water is heated via a central boiler in the home, which can be powered using EcoPellets Pellet Fuel. Many pellet boilers are fully automatic, and with just a little attention, will keep your heating and hot water flowing all day long, keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

Enerbi ATMOS Boilers

ATMOS pellet boilers are fully automatic, and their system switches itself on and off according to the heat requirements. All you have to do is keep the pellet feeder stocked up, and it will feed the boiler automatically throughout the day. High efficiency can be achieved when using EcoPellets with these boilers, reducing fuel consumption and saving money.

For more information on ATMOS Boilers, visit the Enerbi website.